A few of McCall's many satisfied client testimonials

"Thank you for the delivery of a job beautifully done!" and "Thank you for a quick turnaround!"  Doris and COO Serena, HB, VA

“Everyone that has seen my new logo for Sheltering Care has liked it. I feel that you have captured the essence of my total business plan in a very simplistic manor! It was a pleasure working with you developing 
the logo. You were able to take my complex Boxmospheric creation 
and pull it back in the box for all to understand. I thank that Gary Harmon said it best (Striking, Optimistic, Positive, Gets your mission/purpose across well.)”

    Sheltering Care, LLC President, William H. Hedger, Sr., VA

"Denise has a unique ability to understand and synthesize her client's needs to create the right look and feel that will command attention. She gives every project and every client her undivided attention. No one is better than Denise."

    American Red Cross Biomedical Director Susan Sponar, U.S.

"Denise McCall is a talented and energetic leader who has made many contributions to the Navy Civil Engineer Corps community of over 1,200 active and 600 reserve officers and their families through her creativity, organizational ability, and team‐building skills."

    U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Christopher Mossey (ret.), Washington, DC 

“McCall is not only a very talented graphic designer, she understands the importance of marketing and communications strategy and works with clients to develop the strategy to achieve their objectives. She 
is qualified to work with large organizations and big budgets, as well 
as with smaller organizations with limited staff and budgets. McCall 
helps clients understand the design process. She has helped interns 
and students to develop their design expertise and understand the importance of building their design to support the communications 

“Denise, once again your creative talents produced wonderful 
materials in drop dead turn around time. Thanks for your never 
ending commitment and flexibility.”

      Blue Tree, LLC, PRSA Board, DC & Past HQ Red Cross Director
      Christie Phillips, APR  -  I directed creative for her & for clients;            Supervised staff interns, photo shoots and created design process       and resources to Chapter and Blood Services' client delivery. 

"Denise is a true professional and puts all of her passion into her designs and marketing projects. Not only is she great to be around, 
but she has a genuine attitude that shows her desire to assist others 
in their success."

“Denise is full of enthusiasm, very detailed and has a wealth of knowledge regarding her profession. We have been collaborating 
on a project over the last 9 months. Denise is a pleasure to work with 
and delivers on time, especially in the clutch. Denise is a person of 
high integrity, and responsibility.”

Endorsed for: Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, 
Public Relations, Art Direction, Graphic Design and Advertising, Marketing Communications and Negotiations

      Capitol Credit Group LLC President, Washington DC Area
      Clarence Adams; Past PW Chamber Board of Director

“Great professional design. Will definitely use McCall Design 
Studio, Visual Communications again!”

      Spine and Sport Rehabilitation Owner Dr. Steven Han, VA

“Everyone who has seen the campaign loves it!  It is really going over well.”    Chris Englerth, American Red Cross

“Denise did a phenomenal job setting up our Seabee Ball website for the Washington, DC event. Her graphic work is exceptional and she made every deliverable early!  She also developed our custom wine bottle labels which were a great added touch.”

Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer  Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
Endorsed for: Public Relations, Advertising, Graphic Design 
and Corporate Identity

      US Navy OPNAV Action Officer Raymond Scott, Washington DC
      and US Navy Commanding Officer, Port Hueneme, CA

“Creative. Good Listener and is talented at taking an idea and translating that into designs that are impactful. Is capable of using
a variety of mediums to express an idea. McCall Design delivers 
drafts of projects along every stage of development and meets all 
time-sensitive deadlines; maintains regular communications to insure that projects meet customer needs; optimizing good customer relationships. We have used McCall Design repeatedly because 
of the high quality of work output.” 

“I value Denise's ability to capitalize on a concept and then deliver
all the communication components with great clarity and 
effectiveness. Each of the elements is worthy of standing alone,
and are timeless. Denise creates a stress-free environment from 
start to product delivery, always meeting our corporate goals
for our annual meetings.”

“Denise you'll wow them with the new archival display cases showcasing staff and volunteers. You know how to make us look our best — your eye for design and execution stands alone. Thank you!”

“Thank you and congratulations — Denise you have done a masterful job on the masthead/logo for our new retirement group initiative.  It's fun, it's colorful and it gets our message to the right audience.  The board completely endorsed it for the full roll-out to our membership!”

       American Red Cross Director and Chairman of Board, PA  
       Rosemary Leyland; Independent Consultant

“Your work and creativity shines through... you are one-of-a-kind.    Love your work!  These pieces elevate the KADMF immensely.”

       Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund (KADMF) Committee, PA
       Rosemary Leyland; Independent Consultant

“I worked with Denise on the Washington DC area U.S. Navy Seabee and Civil Engineers Corps (CEC) Anniversary Ball. Denise did an outstanding job of leading the coordination efforts for the ball memento, even despite a 50% budget cut for mementos from the previous year. The final product was a 24 karat glass paperweight which included a Seabee Memorial illustrated image that she originally photographed 
on site. From initial concept through final production she fully communicated with all committee members to include soliciting ideas, taking action, providing status updates and on-time delivery. The design greatly exceeded the expectations of the committee and 
the event attendees.”

      United States Navy Officer Jim Boudo, Washington DC;
      Project Manager, Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP)

“The annual report is beautiful, well-designed, wonderful photography.   We are so pleased!!!!!!!!”  

      Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX  Jo Ann Castro, PR         
      Director with M. Ann Abbe, Development Consultant

“For better than a decade, McCall has set and then raised the standards for the organization's visual communications.” 

“Because of Denise's extraordinary talent, the region has a nationwide reputation for visually stunning effective print work.” 

       American Red Cross Board of Governors Tiffany Award Panel 
       1st-Level Customer Service Award, Caring, Truth and Fortitude

“The campaign arrived on time in Maine.  Thank you for delivering a quality final creative product, with exceptional professionalism!”

       American Red Cross CEO Stanley Roberts
       Farmington, Connecticut

“McCall Design has that rare ability to translate thoughts and feelings into visuals that command attention and communicate.”

       Susan Sponar, PNM Resources Inc. Sr. Communications               Rep., New Mexico; and American Red Cross Director, U.S.

“Denise is a great talent, a hard worker, reliable, creative and most importantly, a wonderful lady!!”

“In response to the current shortage of blood types O+, B+, and B-, Denise responded to produce special artwork for the envelopes to accomplish this mailing. She also coordinated the entire printing with the print shop. All done efficiently accurately and with a smile!  Thank you very much Denise.” 

       Washington DC Native Bob Silverman, Gannett Co. Newspaper        Director, NJand American Red Cross Director, PA

“You did a great job organizing the “Champions” Breakfast on Monday.  It was a tremendous success due to your hard work, Denise!” 

       Kathleen Glackin, CEO and VP American Red Cross, PA

“Denise, I received a copy of your thank you letter to Camden Police and wanted to thank you. It was the most beautiful letter I've ever read.  I mean it, just terrific.”

       Bonnie Ross, Collections, American Red Cross, PA

“I was so impressed with your company’s quality service and
reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your creative 
services to friends. Thank You McCall Design!”

       Pauline Augustine Communications, Owner
       Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY

“Your billboard design prompted me to call and tape an interview —about the supply and also about the billboard. It is working!  We 
need more of your strategic solutions!   Good work!”

      Tom McDonald, Radio Personality WHYY News & Information
      Philadelphia, PA

“McCall Design has shown my company unquestionable design skills, industry knowledge, and marked professionalism.  I am pleased to recommend McCall Design Studio to any organization in need of great 
creative with a glowing testimonial.”  

      Michael Torano, N8 Promotions Co. President; and
      American Advertising Federation (AAF) President

“Your logo and creative was wonderful, and without all your work the AAF event would not have been possible.”

      Yvonne Olvey, Time Warner Cable Ad Sales Development Mgr.;
      American Advertising Federation (AAF) Event Board

“The committee's goals were met on every level.  Thank you for your team spirit and creative brand solutions, in budget!”

      Rosanne Marks, American Red Cross 
      Corporate Account Manager, Philadelphia, PA

“Congratulations on your beautiful logo design.  Everyone has been very complimentary.  We plan on incorporating it in our publications,
in addition to on our stationery and pin.” 

      Clare K. Walsh, Special Olympics PR and Education Director
      Norristown, PA

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